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    Best portable hard drive for mac and pc 2015 Also Seagate is the removable hard disk brand in market. The device has a very classy appearance with all metal fins with a minimalist approach. All are not consistent enough for me. My internal MBP SSD has about 540GB used on it. I am planning to use it for film editing work. For professionals who need an extremely large storage unit for photos, videos and other huge files for daily work, then this external hard drive will be an excellent pick. Desktop drives typically promised higher MTBFs than laptop drives, but there were exceptions. Very tempted to buy, to be honest. Also, extremely small which is nice for travel. For those who want more storage, 2TB might run out quickly as well. The replacement drive lasted 2 years and then could not mount and then completely died -and I lost 4TB of cherished data. My post about the drive they were not willing to post it on the reviews. The drive produces no voice means until and unless you hold you ear close to the chassis during the drive is transferring the files. I have been using Time Capsule as my main backup buddy for iOS devices. For windows a backup software is included in the drive, NTFS drives enable MAC users to read and write on the windows file system, Pogoplug PC is a software than turns the host computer into a cloud storage server. With all the things that are genuinely subjective or uncertain in this arena, it makes no sense to leave that question as an exercise for the audience. Therefore, you can use Seagate backup plus for MAC and PC both. At three years of service, the failure rate jumps to almost 12 percent. The Toshiba Canvio for Desktop is speedy, inexpensive per terabyte, and a great choice if our top pick is unavailable. By the time we got results on the current generation of hard drives, newer, faster, more cost-effective ones would be available. Am I SOL or is there a work around? On the other hand, they make the customer pay for shipping the dud drive back to them. The Backup Plus was also faster than most of its competition in our multifile music and photo transfer tests, and it took just 4 minutes, 13 seconds to write a Blu-ray rip and 5 minutes, 10 seconds to read the same file. Best portable hard drive for mac and pc 2015 While using it on your dell laptop this mini 5t hard drive which is ac powered gives speed important to localize data. It does have a disadvantage in that software or controller problems can hit both drives at once. To add to their convenience they are usually pre-formatted, again requiring very little effort from you — your PC generally formats it and does the hard work. Joel Santo Domingo is the Lead Analyst for the Desktops team at PC Magazine Labs. You can also daisy chain a number of OWC ThunderBay 4 Minis together using Thunderbolt 2 cables for even more storage. Over the years of Hard disk drive manufacturer consolidation the three OEM companies of hard drive are SeagateToshibe and western Digital who are actually left in the game now.

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